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Church History


This is the Church that Christ Built…

In the beginning, our precious late Founder and Overseer, Bishop Reo Jenkins was the well-loved and successful pastor of “Old Jerusalem” Church of the Living God, 43rd and Aspen Streets in Philadelphia, PA.  She was promoted to this position in 1963 after the passing of her dear mentor and friend, Bishop Minnie Thomas.  After God had blessed her to successfully accomplish her mission there, he saw the need (in the late nineteen sixties) to call his servant out again, only to do a greater work for him. 

As then Rev. Jenkins continued to wait on “divine direction” from God, He would often remind her through prophecy and prayer, of that work.  It was October of 1979 when God spoke to His servant Reo, and said “The time has come for you to now make preparations to move on and claim possession of the work I am sending you forth to do.”

On June 14, 1980, by the leading of the Lord, Rev. Reo Jenkins was consecrated bishop by her honorable and now late Bishop A.H. White, Sr. one of many who loved and respected her very highly.  Often called Mother Jenkins, she was especially known for her meekness of spirit, humbleness of heart, kind hospitality and her sweet mannerism within and without the “grand ole church” for more than fifty years of labor.

From June 16th thru June 18th, Rev. Jenkins fasted and prayed before God, realizing that the day of her exodus from Old Jerusalem was near.  As always she wanted Him to go before her.  And He did. 

On the morning of her pilgrimage, August 10, 1980, she went to see Bishop White, Sr. for the last time.  Her purpose was to resign respectfully and gracefully from said organization and receive his blessings as she journeyed to do the will of God. 

Yet, for a loving Father, it was hard.  His response was, “you are a good Pastor.  You have always been a good Pastor to me.  One of my best.  I cannot let you go.”  But remembering past experiences of God’s will in his life, he was understanding and knew this was something that had to be done.  He then stated, “The WELCOME MAT will always be extended and the doors of the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth will always be open to you if you ever wish to return.”  Finally, he prayed for her and blessed her. 

Thus, at three-thirty (3:30) p.m. that same day at Stouffer’s, Valley Forge, PA, Rev. Reo Jenkins established and became Founder and Pastor of the Cathedral of Faith Church of the Living God. And there thirty-five souls were added to the church.  PRAISE GOD.

Cathedral of Faith Church of the Living God was incorporated, first in the state of Pennsylvania, September 15, 1980.  On December 9, 1980, Rev. Reo Jenkins was officially ordained, by God, the following: Founder, Bishop and Overseer of the Cathedral of Faith Church of the Living God, Inc.

The first church home was Bishop Jenkins’ home on Thomas Avenue in West Philadelphia.   The transformed recreation/prayer room was a Holy Ghost incubator for several years before our first building at 1718 Fairmount Avenue.

The year of 1992 brought about many changes to Cathedral of Faith that would launch us even further towards our destiny.  At the closing services of the 1992 Annual Fellowship Service, God saw fit to allow our Bishop and Founder the privilege of handing over pastorship to another vessel of honor, her assistant pastor (and daughter) Rev. Leila Avent.  Also, appointed was then Rev. Doris Ford to the position of assistant pastor to Rev. Avent. 

​Under Bishop Leila Avent’s leadership, Cathedral of Faith established a Bible Learning Center, the Compassionate Day Care Center and the “Heavenly Theatrics” drama group.  She was truly a committed and enthusiastic visionary.  She encouraged all who came in contact with.  She didn’t care about your background or your status.  She just loved you.

Bishop Avent left us much too soon, but she went home to be with the Lord in May 1995.  The legacy she left will go on forever.  Her footprints are everywhere, and we will continue to follow them, for they ultimately lead to Christ.

Thus, in the 1995 Annual Fellowship Service, then Rev. Doris Ford was appointed pastor of Cathedral of Faith Church of the Living God with the laying on of hands by Bishop Reo Jenkins, Founder and Overseer. 

Pastor Ford was sShepherd of the flock from 1995 to 2007 until God moved Cathedral of Faith in another direction.  During this twelve year period, the church moved to a few locations which included Chestnut Street, Lindbergh Blvd and Westminster Avenue.  Heavenly Theatrics flourished throughout the Delaware Valley.  The church traveled through the United States spreading the good news and exemplifying excellence in Jesus Christ.

In May 2007, Bishop Ford being divinely led appointed Rev. Audwin T. Meekins as the new pastor of Cathedral of Faith Church of the Living God.  With over twenty plus years of pasturing and leadership experience, we thank God for His choice.

In the 2007 Annual Fellowship Holy Convocation, our Founder, Bishop Reo Jenkins at age 96, was appointed Overseer Emeritus after her many years of labor, love and prayer.  Bishop Doris Ford was appointed with the laying on of hands to the position of Presiding Prelate of the new established Cathedral of Faith International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, and is the parent body with jurisdiction over all other incorporations and charters working with the Presiding Prelate in any state in the United States and worldwide.  And Rev. Audwin T. Meekins was appointed pastor with the laying on of hands. Pastor Audwin and Lady Carolyn Meekins have sacrificed and sold out their lives to the will of God concerning this awesome ministry.


It was in May 2014 that the Holy Spirit guided our Bishop Doris Ford to promote now, Bishop-elect Meekins by releasing him to establish and birth his own ministry, "Way of Truth".  Pastor and Lady Meekins had given COFCLG seven years of sacrificial service, feeding the sheep and developing outstanding leadership.  God's timing cannot be anything less than amazing.  Seven, indicating "completion" and eight, representing "new beginnings" put this great move in perspective--God's perspective.  Pastor Meekins humbly submitted to the word spoken through Bishop Ford and transitioned in July, 2014.  The Way of Truth Worship Center has been launched and we pray God's blessing on this honorable work of God.


Bishop Doris Ford is back in the pastor’s position and looking forward to what God has done in the Spirit, but has already begun to manifest for His glory and honor.  We think it not strange, but are genuinely excited about our next level of this exciting journey of faith.  Our motivation is “Kingdom, First” with focused emphasis on restoration, resurrection and rededication—being all about the souls of those who are seeking refuge and healing for the total man.


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." -Matthew 6:33

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