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The Mission


We are to set an example as true Christian believers and share the love of Jesus Christ; extending the free gift of salvation to everyone.





Effective Ministry:  Our desire is not for another building open on Sundays only, but a place for positive holistic progress and spiritual growth.  The vision is not to build or have a building for "church as usual".  We, at Cathedral of Faith Church envision the following for God’s House:


- A welcoming place that is open to all, for all to celebrate our gracious God. 


- A sanctuary for the needy that would offer food, clothing and counseling to obtain shelter.


- A place that is open seven days a week offering noon-day prayer for everybody, every day. 


- A place to train the unemployed useable skills to obtain gainful employment.


- A place for seniors to mentor young people and give guidance for their life’s journey. 


- A place that is available for other ministries to come and elevate their ministry objectives.


This will be God’s house where he will get non-stop glory from all who will enter its doors.

The Vision for God's House

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